Travel . Photograph . Live

My name is Njoud Aghabi. I’m a Photographer based in Los Angeles, California but I call many places home. I spent most of my years traveling around the world capturing beautiful moments and telling stories through my lens.  

Since an early age I’ve developed a passion for photography, it was the idea of holding that moment of time forever. And as I experienced more of life I learned how to tell a story through image. My love for Photography made me explore many of its faces, and with each new challenge my love for it grows.

The Road Less Traveled
A Seattle Wedding
Burning Man
A World Through My Lens
New Orleans
Dead Sea
Joshua Tree


Njoud Aghabi is a very talented photographer and artist. Working with her was exciting and it was a process of vivid imagination and dedication to bringing visions into reality. She is creative and has a wonderful attention to detail and high taste. I would recommend her for a visual process if you want something unique and beautiful!

                                                     ~Rawan Roshni