”Seaheart resulted in an exploration of the dance between light and dark, the journey from enslavement to liberation, the seasons of nature, the mythology that seeps through the feminine archetypes, and a canvas on which ones’ personal struggle can be projected and witnessed through universal themes and narratives.”

”Seaheart began as a bilingual acoustic song written by Rawan Roshni of Jordan, that then transformed into a collaboration with Music Producer and Composer Zaid Sajdi, into an experimental electronic world fusion sonic journey! From there the piece was calling to be paired with a visual experience, and so Rawan joined forces with Director of Photography and Camera Woman Njoud Aghabi in Los Angeles to manifest the vision for the video. They worked together with a team of volunteers to embark on the mission of translating the music into story. From scouting to wardrobe, makeup to casting, and all the details of a full production, they were able to pull of a shoot in 2 weeks that spanned across 6 locations and a wide range of moods and motions. The piece then grew even grander when the Visual Artist and Editor Mohammad Hijazi joined in Jordan and came in to shoot more studio footage and translate the video into an abstract and psychedelic art piece.”

                                                                                         ~Rawan Roshni